How to refill OEM HP 10 11 12 82 84 85 88 940 Cartridge


Each HP cartridge has a chip with a unique serial number. HP printers do not measure amounts of ink in a cartridge but counts the number of pages printed; therefore, the setting cannot be updated when using a refilled cartridge. As a result, the printer will still “remember” the previous ink levels and will NOT show the cartridge as full.

For HP 88 / 940:

To make your refilled cartridge working, you need to turn off cartridge chip info: from printer’s LCD, go to Setup- >Preference, scroll down and select cartridge chip info and turn it off. There is a known bug at HP’s hardware, for some printers, it won’t wake up from sleeping or showing “printing” and never prints. You can either open and close the cartridge door, or have another set of cartridge ready to swap between two sets. For Linux OS users, the printer may fail to print because it shows the cartridge is out of ink. You need update to the latest OS, or download the Linux printer software from HP.

For HP 10, 11:

You have two choices:

1. Purchase a “refillable cartridge” from BCH or other sellers. These refillable cartridges have an autoreset chip (non OEM) and will reset automatically.

2. Use a chip resetter (e.g., search HP + model number + resetter on eBay). Follow the instruction below to refill your original cartridge, and use the resetter to reset the chip.

Refill Procedure:

1. Use a sharp knife, cut through stickers along the cartridge cap. Remove the cartridge cap. You will see the refill hole which is blocked by a plastic ball and ink outlet with a round metal cap.

2. Locate the refill hole in the middle of cartridge. The refill hole is sealed with a plastic ball. Use a hand drill to drill in the plastic ball and pull it out like a cork.

3. Ink is held in an aluminum bag inside the cartridge. Use syringe head (without needle), push the head inside refill hole and injecting ink.

4. Slowly fill up the cartridge. Stop immediately when the ink is full. For your reference, completely empty cartridges will take these ink volumes:

5. To seal the refill hole, you can use 4mm silicone plug (SKU: AS-PLUG-4mm on, or use a hot glue gun. Put the cartridge cap back. Optional: you can draw the excess air out by tilt the cartridge 45 degrees and carefully insert a needle into the outlet, then draw the air out.

6. Cartridge is refilled and ready for use!

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