How to refill Apple M1949, M1950, M1951, M1952, M3822, M3852


Procedure to refill OEM cartridge:

  1. Seal off the bottom ink outlet with duct tape. If you have the orange clip came with original cartridge, you can use the clip and tighten with rubber band, or press and hold the ink outlet hole against a rubber sealing pad (e.g., rubber eraser). Make sure the seal is tight and ink will not leak. If you do not seal the ink outlet, ink will drip from the ink outlet hole. Reset the chip if needed (see chip resetter’s manual). It is the best time to do it now than filled with ink.



  1. After seal the bottom, drill a hole from about 1/3 of the way from bottom


  1. . Attach needle to syringe and load syringe with ink.


  1. 3. Insert needle into the hole. Make sure needle reaches to bottom of cartridge.


  1. 4. SLOWLY inject the ink into the cartridge. Stop if the ink begins to well up from the fill hole. DO NOT OVERFILL.


  1. Seal the refill hole with adhesive tape or hot glue gun.


  1. After you remove the sealing pad from ink outlet, a few drops of ink should be expected to drip from the cartridge. Let the cartridge sit for 10-20 seconds until it is no longer dripping ink. If you don’t get any more drips, the seal is good on the top. Otherwise re-seal the refill hole.


  1. Install the cartridge into printer.

*Repeat steps until all colors have been filled.*

**Run one or two cleaning cycles until the cartridge begins to print correctly.**

***Do not exceed three cleaning cycles.***

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