How to refill Apple M5694



1. Pry the cartridge cap off with a knife by scoring the seam (picture).

2. Once the cap is removed, you will see refill holes on the top

3. SLOWLY inject the ink into the cartridge. Stop if the ink begins to well up from the fill hole. DO NOT OVERFILL.

4. Repeat until all colors have been filled.

9. Clean off the top of the cartridge. Replace the cap and tape the cap back on the body. No need to seal it airtight.

10. Reinstall in printer and run one or two cleaning cycles until the cartridge begins to print correctly. Do not exceed three cleaning cycles.

B = Black C = Cyan M = Magenta Y = Yellow PM=Photo Magenta PC=Photo Cyan

PLEASE NOTE: Resetting the filing level indicator is unfortunately not possible with this type of cartridges. You can ignore the error message by selecting “OK”. Knowing that the ink level cannot be correctly determined anymore, please refill the cartridge as soon as you see faded colors. Should the cartridge print in streaks, first refill the cartridge, then start a cleaning cycle with your printer software. If the problem remains, fill a bowl with ½ inch of warm water (max temperature 90F) and soak the print head in it for 1 to 2 hours.

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