How to refill NON-OEM 564, 564XL, 920, 920XL, 902, 902 XL Cartridges


This manual is for BCH Refillable cartridge with transparent casing (as shown above)




Before opening your refillable cartridge, please perform printer nozzle tests to ensure your printer is in good condition.  If your printer has produced a perfect result, please attach a copy of the nozzle check to your purchase receipt as this will validate your warranty. You can now start to install your refillable cartridge. 


If your printer has printed with missing lines or uneven coloring, please repeat head cleaning. If your second print is similar to the first, let your printer sit 2-3 hours then run another nozzle check.  If you still see broken lines, then do another head cleaning and let it sit 3-4 hours.  Sometimes it takes 3-4 head cleanings.  DO NOT run more than three head cleanings in a row without idling your printer for few hours.  If your printer still has broken lines, you more than likely have damaged printer heads, and you will need them replaced before successfully installing a refillable cartridge.


Step 1.   Install the silicone washer around ink intake.  Because of a design flaw by HP, large volume cartridge leaks ink around ink intakes.  A silicone washer needs to be installed on each ink intake.  Remove original HP cartridge and the ink intakes are underneath the top of cartridges.  Lay a washer on the top of each black grommet around ink intake (see picture).  Do not remove the black grommet.


Step 2. Tear off the yellow sticker and expose air vent hole.  Check and make sure the hole is not blocked by glue so the cartridge can be vented during printing.

Step 3.  

  • If your cartridge comes with chip, you can skip this step.  
  • If your cartridge doesn't come with a chip, and you purchased a chip from here  Use the double-sided tape (included in the package), glue the chip on the bottom of the cartridge.  The edge of the cartridge should line up with the red line.
  • If you decide to transfer OEM chip by yourself:  We cannot emphasize enough to TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS STEP!  Take a look at your chip.  If it is a half chip (right), you may not be able to remove the chip without damaging it.
  • With a full chip (left), use an Exacto knife or razor blade, gently slide the blade underneath the chip on the original cartridge and slowly, carefully, rock it back and forth until you have a small gap between the chip and cartridge.  Then, “slide” your knife underneath the chip.  Do not bend or crack the chip.  Continue moving the blade to release any of the glue that is on the back of the chip until the chip releases from the cartridge.  Most of the times, the glue left on the chip is enough to bind it to the destination cartridge.  You can use (thin) double sided tape or glue as needed.  Do not overdose the glue.   Do not use superglue because you may need to adjust chip position later.  Gently press down the copper part of chips (do not touch the black part), and make sure all of them are secured.   

Step 4.  Put the orange protective clip back on, so the cartridge will not leak during filling.  Remove the L-shaped color plug and use a syringe to fill about 60% of the cartridge.  Put the L-shaped plug back.  Now the cartridge should have refill hole (L-plug) closed, air hole (yellow tape) open.  Place the cartridge upright.  Let the cartridge sit for 5 to 10 minutes to balance the pressure.


Step 5.  Turn off the "chip info" on your printer.  The printer counts how many pages printed on a chip, and stops the printer when the number gets too high.  You need to turn this off:

  • Printers with LCD: Go to Control Panel ->Setup ->Preferences and then select cartridge chip info.  Turn off usage information.  The new HP firmware calls the chip info "Anonymous Usage Storage."  Go to Setup->Tools scroll down, do you see "Anonymous Usage Storage"?  If you see it, then turn it off.  If you don't, the chip info is turned off already.  You can try to restore to manufacture default and the choice should re-appear (when chip info is on). 
  • Printers without LCD: On the control panel, press and hold the Resume button and Network button until the ink cartridge lights blink, approximately five seconds, and then release the buttons.

Step 6. Remove the orange protective clip and quickly insert the cartridge into the printer.  The ink may be dripping during this procedure, so wear gloves.

If the printer doesn't line up or print stripes, you introduced air into the printhead during installation.  You can do a cartridge cleaning cycle and then sit the cartridge for 24 hours and start print again.  Air bubbles should be released by then.



My cartridge monitor still shows “empty” after installing CISS.

Dismiss the cartridge low or empty warnings and keep printing.  Even the printer might appear to be low or empty on ink levels; the cartridge is indeed full and will print a full yield.  The printer will keep working regardless of these warnings.

One or more cartridge shows “missing or damaged.”

The printer cannot detect the chip.  Either the chip is aligned incorrectly or damaged.  Take the non-working cartridge out, exam the, clean the chip surface and re-insert.  To avoid the damage during transferring, do not take working cartridges out.  If the chip is damaged, you can buy a remanufactured cartridge (make sure it comes with chip) from eBay or Amazon, use up the cartridge and transfer the chip.30-Day Guaranteed No Hassel Return.  We have 30-day no-hassle return or exchange through Amazon.  Just log on your Amazon account and find your order.  You will see “Available Action” button below the order, click and select “Return Item”. 

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