How to refill NON-OEM Refillable Cartridge for Brother LC101 LC103 LC105 LC107 LC109


This product is for BCH's refillable cartridge (not OEM cartridge).  If you need to refill OEM cartridges, please follow this link: Article 202345205


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Install Photo Plate

Take a look of your old cartridge.  If it is T1, skip this step.  If it is T2, you will need to install a photo plate on each cartridge (photo plates included in your package).  Detailed installation process is placed at the end of this article.

Refill Procedure
Warning: sometimes, the color and clear plugs are reversed.  The middle hole is always air hole.  Here, we use the color plug as air hole plug as an example.  If you find it's very hard to add ink into the cartridge, you are working on the wrong hole.  
1. Remove both plugs (Refill and Air Vent)
2. Inject ink into refill hole.  Add as much ink as you would like but leave some room for the plug.
3. Seal the refill hole (top) with a plug.  You can use either the color or the clear one.
4. Insert into printer and use as an OEM cartridge (keep the air vent open, do not seal with plug)
Reset Ink Level to Full
The reset is triggered by printer's "ink depleted" error.  Once the cartridge receives the printer's error message, it will reset its ink level to full.  Once the chip is reset, the printer will show "cartridge error in xxx color".  Simulate a "cartridge changing event" by remove-and-insert the cartridge. The printer will think it has a new cartridge with full ink.  The reset cannot be triggered by "Low Ink Warning" because it is just a warning.
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