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Streaks & Smears of Ink After Refilling HP 67 Ink Cartridge on HP DeskJet 2755

I have an HP DeskJet 2755 and refilled an OEM HP 67 (but it also could use an HP OEM 67XL, which I plan to get in the future for less frequent refills). This is NOT the starter ink cartridge, but rather a genuine one that I bought straight from the company website. 

I watched the YouTube video instructions and then followed the written ones VERY carefully as well.  HOWEVER, when I re-installed the recently refilled ink cartridge after 2 head cleaning cycles as instructed, it only printed 2 pages properly, and then started printing with HUGE streaks and smears ink all over the pages. I tried powering the unit off and on. I ran 2 more cleaning cycles. I even deep cleaned the print head manually. I also checked the settings within the HP Smart App on my laptop to make sure everything was copasetic there. 

I am totally at a loss as to what more I can try. I need to be able to use my printer ASAP, and it is currently useless as is. I will have to order a different new, FULL HP OEM print cartridge until I get some answers, I suppose. I am VERY disappointed!  It just goes to show that you usually get what you pay for, I guess ... these BCH products would appear to be a headache and nothing more! 

Back in the 1990s, I used to refill my cartridges ALL THE TIME, and I never had any problems, but I suppose they've gotten wise to that and made printers/cartridges more sophisticated these days?


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