HP Printer Error: Used or Counterfeit Cartridge Detected - Ink Sensor Warning -What to do?


HP makes it difficult for you to use refilled ink or 3rd party cartridges. This error message is displayed when:

1) You installed a cartridge that has been refilled or made by non-HP manufacture.

2) When your cartridge printed too many pages (>300 for color and >800 for black).

Legally, HP cannot stop you from printing because of a class-action lawsuit ($5 million lost and HP learned a lesson).  Therefore, HP made some clever questions:

Click No on this question:

Version 1: If you have just installed the indicated cartridges and you believe they contain new, original HP ink, click Yes.  Otherwise, click No.

Version 2: Was this cartridge sold to you as new, genuine HP-branded cartridge that has not been previously used?

If you read the question carefully, then you know that you should click "No".  If you click "yes", then HP has the right to stop you from printing.

The correct action is to click "No".  Once you select "No", then HP will display another message, and warns you about void of warranty.  In fact, using 3rd party or refilled cartridge won't affect your warranty, unless HP can prove that the malfunction was due to the refill (click here for details).  As in their own words, "HP's printer warranty does not cover repairs or services due to use of non-HP cartridge or ink". You can click "OK" to dismiss this message and back to your printing


HP will display one message per cartridge, then you can print forever (with the chip usage information turned off).






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    manish kk

    Great one paul. but i accedently clicked on "yes" once. Now even i click "no" it wont start printing. Does this mean i have disabled the printhead permanently ? I tried everything. hard reset, changing the registry files, reinstaling drivers. Is the printhead dead or is it just me ? :P

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    manish kk

    I also tried unchecking enable bidirectional monitoring from the printer settings. The doc spools but wont start printing. even the copy function is not working..scan works fine..just bought the printer 2 days ago..help :'(

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    No, it doesn't lock your printhead. It locks down the cartridge serial number. You can use another set of cartridges to "unlock" it. I keep my Setup cartridges as the "good set" just for situation like this.

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    The "good" set much have ink in them to unlock it.

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    Tammy Corkum

    My HP Cartridge i bought from Staples.ca, a certified seller of hp cartridges.

    It is my 4th cartridge replacement from Staples but this 4th my printer claims it is a counterfeit. It did not detect this right away it took about a week.

    Why is it detecting a genuine as a non-genuine?

    I've asked Staples but they said it's probably a defected cartridge.

    I tried the HP sure app but I threw out the wrapper that was on the ink cartridge and it's long gone.

    Why is it doing this? In case of warranty I think I have all the receipts of genuine cartridges purchases, I've never bought a counterfeit cartridge in my life.

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    Richard Max

    Thank you for these helpful tips.

    However I did everything as explained here and clicked NO on these prompt messages, but still the printer prints blank pages, although my cartridges are full (I have 2 refilled cartridges and 1 new).

    What can I do to resolve this? My printer is a deskjet 2135 , cartridge is black HP 652

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    Stoyan Panayotov

    Richard, my printer is exactly the same. However my problem is not with black cartridge (I have black ink but didn't try to refill it so far). My problem is with the color ink. I've refilled blue, red and yellow colors, but it doesn't print YELLOW to my pages. If I try to print photos, they came out too blue... It prints only red and blue with no problem. I guess that printer has a memory that saved a information for missing yellow and that's why now it doesn't include that color.
    I bought a new 652 color cartridge and it's fine with the ink levels and printing. When I put back the refilled one it's the same bad situation with the colors. I've read somewhere that I have to restart the ink levels, but I don't know how to do it on my printer.
    Guys. please help me with this ! My 3 in 1 device is HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135