Do you have CIS or Refillable Cartridges for T220, T288, T410, T702, and T802?


We have a blog that summarized the current development of the refill industry:


As you can see, there is no solution that we know of. For Epson, there is no solution for T220, T288, T410, T702, and T802. These models are tagged with serial numbers. Even if you reset the ink level, the printer still remembers the old ink level for the serial number.


If you see a third party cartridge, it is most likely a clone of a real Epson cartridge. Therefore, it can be used one-time-only. Our ink is compatible with these cartridges, but there is no solution to let the printer recognize the refilled ink level. If you see that someone else has a refill solution, please keep us updated. We try to make the blog useful to everyone, so they don't have to search everywhere for answers.

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    Lorri Sherman-Ewalt

    I purchased the chips from inkowl and the empty cartridges from you, black, yellow and magenta seem to be recognized and reading as full but the cyan isn't. I'm thinking i might've gotten something on it.